Your source for high-quality, insanely customizable, & affordable custom clothing!

Get A Custom, Bespoke Suit Made By The Experts

Tons of Customization

With 100’s of different fabrics paired with thousands of customization options, your custom garment is yours and odds are no one else has the same one!

Extensive Measurements

We take over 16+ measurements to account for all the nuances in your body, and what makes you, you!

Excellent Fit Guaranteeā„¢

We’re so confident in our abilities to create garments that resonate excellence that we cover the first round of alterations!

Half & Full Canvas

We also offer half & full canvas construction methods which are usually a staple of custom and durable clothing!

“A great tailor is like a great personal trainer – they tailor that suit to your natural”


Artisan Craftsmenship. Quality Fabrics. Professional Curation.

We care about our integrity. Our mission is to make custom clothing that causes people to enjoy wearing clothing for whatever occasion it may be. To live up to our mission, we designed a process from start to finish that encompasses all necessary avenues to build a highly unique garment unlike any other. It’ll fit better than anything you can buy off the rack. Your freedom in designing & customizing your suit is staggering, and quite frankly, mindblowing. Schedule an appointment to see what all the hype is about. We promise not to let you down.

How It Works

Our Steps


01. Wardrobe Consultation

02. Fabric Selection

03. Measurements

04. Creation of the Garment

05. Final Fitting

06. Be the best dressed person in every room

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